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1. Bianca Tiger

Bianca  is a San Diego native with a passion for dance and music. Her main dance style is Femme Hip Hop. She loves sharing the stage with like-minded dancers & encourages freedom & personal style in class. Her class is on every Thursday at 7:30 PM at Legacy Creative Arts Studio!

2. Shariya Pierre

Shariya Pierre comes all this way from Florida. She has been dancing for 5 years and moved to San Diego to chase her dreams. She has been signed by 216 talent agency and is a substitute instructor for Legacy. 

This piece showcases all of Shariya’s growth and versatility into one performance.

3. Legacy Kids Classes

This next performance are students from Legacy’s beginner kids classes ranging from the young age of 5-7 years of age. 

Taught by Blair Stuka, and Justin Hopkins on Mondays through Wednesdays, these precious performers are ready to show you what they got!

4. Next Legacy

Founded in February 2023, under the direction of Love Lee, Blair Stuka, and Cierra Burdett, Next Legacy strives to bring young dancers from different backgrounds together to share their passion for movement. 


With their collaborative desire to grow as a team, each member continues to make strides towards becoming a stronger and more confident dancer. These talented young ladies are extremely excited to show you what they've been working on! 

5. Justin Hopkins

Justin Hopkins is a Los Angeles based dancer and aspiring choreographer who is hungry to grow as an artist and teacher. Justin is a member of Tha Most—a dance crew led by Jonathan Sison. Justin is a resident instructor at Legacy and is excited to share the stage today with good friends to showcase his personality in these pieces.

6. Cierra Burdett

Cierra is a versatile dancer, with a background of performing, teaching, and choreographing for over 15 years in both the Phoenix and San Diego dance communities. Throughout the course of her career, she has learned the importance of supporting and building a community that brings positivity and joy through dance. 


Tonight, Cierra is joined by that very community that shares that same passion as her. She's blessed to share the stage with her fellow students, teammates, and friends - past and present! 

7. Emilleo Williams

Emilleo, Keyasa, Keara, Jennifer, Dylan and Vichara all started their hip hop journeys on Club Groove at Steele Canyon High School and they all branched out into the dance community. Emilleo Williams directed and choreographed this piece called “L.O.V.E.” and they are all super excited to share creativity in this space today. Emilleo teaches at Legacy every Wednesday night.

8. Legacy Youth Classes

This next performance is a combination of students from all of Legacy’s beginner youth classes ranging from the ages of 8 to 12 years of age. 


These classes are taught by Blair Stuka, Justin Hopkins and Jannahlyn Mijares.

9. Candy

Joshua Candelaria, AKA Candy, is accompanied by 4 of his good friends Alexington, Ethan, Gerard, and Jordan. His main goal when he performs is to make the audience smile or laugh so if either of those things happen within the next 3 minutes, he is content. He wants to thank everyone in the crowd especially all the friends and family. Lastly special shoutout to Uncle Tony, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! 

10. Jannahlyn Mijares

Jannahlyn Mijares is excited to present her newest piece “In the Rain”. During this journey Jannahlyn and her dancers collaborated to bring about this intriguing production. The process is an inclusive experience that brought about growth within the dancers themselves and as a community. “In the Rain” allows you to get immersed in all the different characters and to get lost in the world they create. As you watch and experience the story unfolding you will notice how Jannahlyn has incorporated many styles of dance. She has been dancing since the age of 3 starting with classical ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern and contemporary. Later on in her dance career she trained in other various styles like step, hip hop, heels, Latin hip hop, dancehall and much more. It is through all these different styles that Jannahlyn has created her own style while also bringing out the dancers’ greatest strengths. She believes that dance is an art form that is not only athletic but can also be a healing experience shared between the performers and audience. 

11. Lucia Castillón

Lucía Castillón is a 22 year old Mexican mover and ocean lover. 

About this performance, she writes:


Home is not a building. It's a feeling. 

It's a hug and a pat on the back. 

Home says 'you made it'.

It says, "You belong here".

It's being surrounded by people or in solitude.

It's being full beyond words.

It's ever changing and ever remaining.

It's home—Movement is my home. 

12. David Pisa

David has been dancing for over 10 years in the San Diego dance community—meeting and learning from his peers throughout the way. Today he is joined by friends that have helped him on his journey which has led him to his new found passion for creating and teaching.


David teaches Beginners Hip Hop at Legacy on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM.

13. Blair Stuka & Love Lee

Since meeting at an SGBM rehearsal in 2018, Blair and Love have always connected through their adoration for music & movement. Both instructors here at Legacy, Blair and Love enjoy using dance to tell stories - be them fun, weird, or sassy! When they come together, they always try to make something new, original, and unique to them.


This is their 3rd time collaborating for the Legacy Showcase, and for the first time ever, they have a group of incredible dancers joining them on stage tonight.

14. Vanity

Vanity is a new exhibition group created by Josh Penetrante in 2023, and they are proud to perform for the very first time here at the Legacy Showcase. Vanity was created to inspire and give back to the dance community we all love, and to most importantly have fun. 

15. Jaris Remigio

Jaris Remigio was born and raised in San Diego and has over 15 years of dance experience.

He has trained, performed, and competed in various parts of the U.S. throughout the years and has been a member of local teams such as 1904, GWOWNUPS, and Choreo Cookies.


Although no longer active within the dance community, he hopes to show you all the results of his years of training and dancing experience in this performance tonight. Without further ado, lets hear it (and lower our expectations for.....)Jaris Remigio!!!

16. Jordan & Jayden Folwarski

This is Jordan and Jayden’s first time choreographing a set for a dance performance. 


They want to thank all of their friends that are going to be dancing with them today. They are here to have fun and showcase themselves and their friends’ talents.

17. Jose Vera

“VANGERZ” with a “V” is a collection of pieces created by José Vera—his favorites—pieces that have been part of his story, this being a celebration of his career as a choreographer/dancer. 


Accompanied not only by great talent, but also people who have too, been a part of him and his journey. Representing Mexico and Tequila Movement.

18. Cyrus

Cye Bongalos began his dance career in 2007 when he joined Future Shock San Diego. With plenty of hard work, he was then nominated as captain the following year. He had the opportunity to be a part of projects such as Maxt Out 2007's Chor Division Winners Keone Madrid and Vinh Nguyen's the assiGnment, Boys and Girls with Short Hair, House of Mo, and Daydreamers. At the age of seventeen, Cye founded his own studio team, Hip Hop Junkies, who has appeared on BET's 106&Park, as well as directing teams such as Culture Shock SD. Along with his brother, he created the minor division dance competition, Artofficial. He later joined Family Royale's San Diego branch, Super Galactic Beat Manipulators under the artistic direction of Vinh Nguyen, later taking the artistic role himself and being a gold medalist champions at Hip Hop International 2011. In 2018, he opened his own dance facility, Legacy Creative Arts Studio. As an aspiring choreographer, he wishes to one day impact and shape the dance community and share his knowledge with the future generations that his mentors have passed on to him.

This piece represents the idea of picking yourself up whenever you fall.

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