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All parts of your answers will be taken into consideration as well as your professionalism and presentation of submitted materials.

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General Availability

Releasor and anyone claiming on behalf of Releasor releases and forever discharges Releasee and its affiliates, successors and assigns, officers, employees, representatives, partners, agents and anyone claiming through them (collectively, the “Released Parties”), in their individual and/or corporate capacities from any and all claims, liabilities, obligations, promises, agreements, disputes, demands, damages, causes of action of any nature and kind, known or unknown, which Releasor has or ever had or may in the future have against Releasee or any of the Released Parties arising out of or relating to any injuries. By entering the facility, you hereby accept responsibility for your actions that may lead to any bodily injuries.

By entering the building, I acknowledge the possibility of video recording and photography and hereby grant to Legacy Creative Arts Studio the following rights in the interest of marketing, educational or artistic material: The right to record my image, photograph, picture, likeness, and by any technology or means. The right to copy, use, perform, display and distribute such recordings of me for any legitimate purpose, including but not limited to distribution by means of streaming or other technologies via the Internet, or distribution of audio or video files for download by the public. The right to record, reproduce, amplify and simulate my image and all sound effects produced.

Thank you! A team member will review your application and reach out via email for any opportunities.

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